Patch 8.2 Hotfixes - July 16, 2019

  • Patch 8.2 Hotfixes - July 16, 2019

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)


    • Players can again earn Fun Run after completing the requirements.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented players from earning If It Please the Court.

    • Undead
      • Touch of the Grave (racial ability) no longer causes the user to enter combat when it procs from periodic effects.

    • Death Knight (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
      • Death Gate no longer occasionally strands players in Acherus after being used, and it should always return them to the entry point where it was originally placed.
    • Mage (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
      • Arcane
        • Damage for all spells and abilities increased by 6%.

    Dungeons and Raids
    • Azshara’s Eternal Palace
      • Orgozoa
        • Orgozoa now transitions to phase two at 40% health (was 3.5 minutes).
          • Developers’ note: This change is meant to be neutral with regard to difficulty of the encounter, and aims to ensure that as player damage output continues to increase in the coming weeks, the overall pacing of the encounter doesn’t become skewed.
      • Radiance of Azshara
        • Fixed a bug causing Radiance of Azshara's Stormwraith Gale Buffet to increase its damage by 10% per stack, rather than the intended 25% on Normal and Heroic difficulties.
      • Za’Qul, Harbinger of Ny’alotha
        • Shattered Psyche now has a unique icon.
      • Queen Azshara
        • Players with the Beckoned debuff can no longer be afflicted with Charged Spear.
        • Players broken out of Devotion should not be prevented from using their abilities.
    • Atal'Dazar
      • Fixed a bug that caused Yazma to repeat her voice lines three times each time a boss was defeated during Mythic Keystone Dungeons.

    • Fixed an issue that resulted in fewer than intended Aqueous Reliquary drops from Radiance of Azshara, The Queen’s Court, and Queen Azshara.
    • Fixed a bug that caused end-of-run chests earned for completing a Mythic Keystone at +7 difficulty to incorrectly reward item-level 415 gear; now rewards ilvl 420 ilvl gear.
    • Benthic gear’s damaging spells and heals (e.g. Poen's Deepsea Gloves) no longer remove the caster from stealth.
    • The time required to charge an Energy Cell at the Charging Station has been reduced to 1.5 seconds (was 3 seconds).

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