Official Release Patch Notes - S4 Heroic Challenges unlocked and Training Mode changes (7.17.2019)

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    Dear Adventurers,

    Welcome to the latest official patch notes for Ring of Elysium. Here are the full details:

    Heroic Challenges

    • Unlocked the Season 4 Heroic Challenges
    • After reaching Adventurer Tier 2, all players can unlock the first set of heroic challenges, players who own the Adventurer Pass will unlock the second set heroic challenges when they reach Adventurer Tier 50
    • Completing heroic challenges rewards include Name-change card, portraits, traversal equipment appearances and a special character style for Max!

    Training Mode

    • To help players achieve optimum training results, players will no longer be eliminated in Training games, including weapon damage, falling damage, volcanic ash damage, etc.
    • Added a text prompt, hinting players to use healing items to recover their HP when they’re at low health

    Amazon Cup (GameOn Tournament Organizer)

    • The official weekly qualifier now shows the total number of players participating the event
    • Players can now see their own scores even if they’re not on the leaderboard


    • New items are in store! Introducing three S4 character-themed accessories- Max, Big Joe, and Stella. The price for each accessory is 800 E-Points, purchase them this week to get 20% off! Also, if you buy all three accessories as a bundle, you will get a 480 EP discount!

    Adventurer Character

    • Enabled the Stella – Hawk Style B adventurer character style

    Daily Check-in

    • Daily check-in continues from July 16 to July 22 (Pacific Time), check-in for 7 days and receive 100 E-Points!

    Bug Fixes

    • Attempted to fix an issue where players cannot enter the match in some cases after successful matchmaking
    • Fixed an issue where the traversal equipment selection UI was shown incorrectly during the pre-spawn selection phase
    • Fixed an issue where the invitation request for battle buddies didn’t show

    Thanks for playing,
    ROE DEV Team

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