eRepublik - online game

  • Hello guys,

    My German is not very good, therefore I'll write in English. Hope you don't mind it.

    Anyways, I'd like to present you a game called eRepublik. It is a combination of politics, military, economy and journalism mechanics and so far it is really interesting to me. Please let me know did you ever played this browser game or not? I hope this is not a spam or not allowed thing to post. In case it is I'd like to offer my apology.

    Regardless, I'll give you a little sight about what is happening in game. Currently eSwitzerland (country gets a prefix "e") is a really small, with community barely reaching 100 players. Other countries have up to 4 000 players, which is a reason why our core regions are often occupied by foreign invaders. I am relatively new to the game myself, playing it for only three weeks now. Yet I managed to create a party called Swiss National Front and I plan to run for congress.

    Many of those 100 players are not Swiss in real life, no sure if I met anyone that lives in Switzerland outside the game. Hopefully you'll guys will give this game a try and make our community in game slightly bigger :D

    You can register over my refferal link :

    I won't be lying if you do so I'll benefit from it, so I won't make you.

    Link to the site:

    Once more I'd like to offer my apology in case I'm not allowed to post this topic.