Patch Notes – Christmas Update 2019 (12.19.2019)

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    Dear Adventurers,

    Welcome to the latest official patch notes for Ring of Elysium. Here are the full details:


    • Added two items for sale in Store, available for limited-time only- the Christmas Bundle (1580 E-points) and Christmas Giftbox (100 E-Points each)
    • Event period: December 19 to December 31
    • The Christmas Bundle is a collection of Christmas exclusive cosmetics, including a special Sakura character style, an Epic quality FAMAS weapon skin, a Santa Claus accessory, and a special portrait
    • The Christmas Giftbox is a mystery box, each opening will yield one random reward from the prize pool, which includes special Ookami character style, armored truck appearance, TAC-50 weapon skin, portraits, and many more
    • The Christmas Giftbox can also be obtained through daily holiday missions
    • Please note that all Christmas Adventurer Characters (Ookami, Mobula, and Sakura) styles are standalone characters and do not require the base characters to use

    [h3]Christmas Card-flip[/h3]
    • Log-in daily, complete the daily task to get the card-flip qualification, flip the card of your choice, and claim awesome rewards!
    • Event period: December 21 to December 27
    • The event reward includes a special Mobula character style (unlocked after 4 successful card-filps), vehicle appearance, accessory, and portrait
    • Players can participate in up to 7 card-flips during the event (limited to once per day)

    [h3]Christmas Daily Missions[/h3]
    • The holiday missions are back for Xmas! Make sure to complete each day’s Christmas mission for a free Christmas Giftbox with random rewards
    • Event period: December 19 to December 31

    • Christmas is coming, and Europa Island is taking on a festive facelift with Christmas trees and the gift boxes
    • Airdrops and Elimination boxes are now wrapped up as Christmas presents

    • Added several installments of the new special device on Europa Island- the “Wind Tunnel”, which will definitely blow you away!

    [h3]LTM Rotation[/h3]
    • “Sniper Assassin” now runs on Monday and Saturdays instead of only Mondays
    • “Bombarded” now only runs on Thursdays instead of Thursdays and Saturdays

    [h3]Bug Fixes[/h3]
    • Fixed an issue where the deployable shield challenge couldn’t be finished in Training Mode with bots
    • Fixed an issue where players could damage Holographic decoy they placed by blowing up vehicles to complete related missions
    • Fixed an issue where Win7 DX12 client users are sometimes unable to switch to Windowed mode
    • Fixed an issue with loading objects in certain zones
    • Fixed several incorrect collisions and textures

    Thanks for playing,
    ROE DEV Team

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