Season 7 Extension + Season 8 Teaser Announcement and Feb. 27 Patch Notes

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    Hello Adventurers!

    With Season 7 coming to an end, we can’t wait to share some exciting news with you today- Ring of Elysium’s new map, Vera, will be released at the launch of Season 8!

    In addition to the highly-anticipated new map, there are also plenty of other content and improvements to look forward to, including a new 4V4 gamemode, a new traversal equipment, new vehicles, a lighting update, and many other new attempts. We hope these new attempts, combined with the new map, will really give the game a “facelift” and help us kick off 2020 with a bang.

    About the new map - Vera

    Vera is located on the east side of the Andes Mountains. Originally, mineral resources were the mainstay of the economy, attracting a large number of outsiders to make a living there. Later, due to the reduction of resources, the economy began to decline, and the population decreased year by year. Eventually, Vera became a no man's land.

    Vera’s secluded environment attracted the attention of mysterious forces, who hired a foreign legion to take control of the area. The crisis lurks beneath the sprawling desert, and a huge explosion fills the sky, shattering the facade of Vera's supposed silence…

    A large amount of radioactive fallout falls into the area and is spreading out rapidly. Players must rush to the evacuation point in a limited amount of time as the level of hazardous substances in the environment rises.

    To adapt to the arid environment, a new traversal equipment and new vehicles will also be introduced in this map.

    The evacuation helicopter only has four seats, so players not only have to flee from the terrifying sandstorm, but also fight with other players for survival!

    Vera's secret lies beneath its sand. Are you ready to find out the truth?

    Adventurer Season 7 Extension Announcement

    Currently, the development team is giving their best effort to finish the new map, in order to ensure the content quality, and at the same time, provide more time for players to complete their Pinnacle Challenges for a free Season 8 Adventurer Pass, we have decided to postpone the end of Season 7 to April 9, 2020.

    During this period (February 27 - April 9), we will be launching a variety of in-game events, a 4V4 TDM gamemode, and implement a dynamic lighting system to improve the quality of the game, stay tuned!

    New content in Season 8

    4V4 Team-deathmatch mode

    • A new gamemode is coming! The new 4V4 TDM allows you to focus on experiencing the thrill of gunfights. In this mode, players will be put into two 4-player teams to compete in a small arena. Eliminating the opponent and earning scores will be your only goal, enjoy the non-stop action! The 4V4 TDM mode is expected to be released in March. Stay tuned for more details

    Real-time dynamic global illumination
    • We have optimized Ring of Elysium by adopting a full real-time dynamic lighting system, bringing a more realistic visual and gaming experience to you
    • Lifelike look and feel: illumination algorithm upgrade- calculated by the law of real world light propagation, boosting the graphics close to a “lifelike” and “cinematic” level
    • Real-time full dynamic lighting: other than the improvement to lighting quality itself, the bigger highlight is "dynamic". Many AAA games in the industry often use a pre-computed approach when it comes to lighting, which results in the lighting being "still," with only one time period and one weather condition. However, our new lighting system is fully dynamic and real-time, with a corresponding change in both dynamic weather/time periods and dynamic scenarios, making it realistic and natural
    • Mainstream configuration compatible: the new lighting system implements an accelerated optimization algorithm...

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