Left Behind - Multiplayer Zombie Survival Game

  • Hello everybody!

    We are the team behind "Left Behind" and would like to introduce our game, here to you, on Itch.io! Let's get started!

    Left Behind is a multiplayer zombie survival game, with both PvP and PvE elements.

    Left Behind throws you into a ravaged world, destroyed by humans and inhabited by mindless monsters. Humanity has been Left Behind, a worldwide apocalypse has been set in motion. Nobody is left to rebuild civilization and humanity is destroying itself in endless bloodshed.

    Besides a human threat, mindless rotting carcasses roam the world, attacking everything on sight. In order to survive these threats, you will have to explore the world, scavenge for supplies and weaponry and fight for your very existence.


    • The game features a map Colorado with a size of 10km² filled with large cities and small villages, hidden locations, airports and much more! Hordes of zombies roam these abandoned locations and bandits scour these places for goodies and weapons!
    • Left Behind also features a smaller map where loot is common and the global inventory is not accessible. Players can hop on, pick up a gun and start shooting! Left Behind caters to both parties; people with lots of time on their hands and people who just have 30 minutes to play before they have to go to school or work!
    • Left Behind features a dynamic weather system with a moving skybox
    • Scout areas before entering them from afar with binoculars, kill your enemies with weapons of all sizes and categories ranging from bloodied bats to M107 sniper rifles and become the most hardened survivor the world has ever seen.
    • Players decide the value of everything in Left Behind. Items can range from common to extremely rare and players have the option to choose what to and how much to sell it for. Encouraged by the team, players can have dedicated pages on the forums and on Discord where they can sell their items, open up stores and negotiate with other players, all facilitated by our trade function to provide safe and easy trading of items.
    • Create a group to play with friends or join a clan (clan coming soon) to play with even more friends. Team up with friends to kill mindless hordes of zombies, or take over entire towns. Or do you prefer a lone wolf approach? In Left Behind, the choice is completely yours.
    • Recruit up to 3 friends and you will both be rewarded when you reach certain milestones.

    Features that will be released in the future

    • A level based progression system, unlocking unique skills that your characters can learn.
    • A unique skill tree players can invest their points in, giving players the choice to head in one direction.
    • Dynamic events occur across the world, encouraging player interaction, be it friendly or hostile.

    Visit us at https://playleftbehind.com/ or join our discord server https://discord.gg/2vQhc8!