Patch Notes – LTM Changes, New Items in Store, and Bug Fixes (May.14.2020)

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    Dear Adventurers,

    Welcome to the latest official patch notes for Ring of Elysium. Here are the full details:

    Please note:
    Ring of Elysium’s live servers will go down for maintenance for approximately two hours at:
    Pacific Time: May 14th, 0:00-2:00
    UTC/GMT: May 14th, 7:00-9:00

    During the maintenance period, the game will not be available and ongoing games will be interrupted directly. Please be sure to finish all matches before the above time to avoid any issues. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


    • Added “Motorbike accessory mystery box”, purchase and open them for random exclusive accessories!
    • Added four vehicle appearances, including Viper SUV “Flame Charge” and “Concealed”, and Viper Truck “Flame Charge and “Concealed”, each priced at 500 E-Points

    Lucky Draw

    • Lucky Draw is back and updated with new rewards! With an epic prize pool including a R700 weapon skin, a set of traversal equipment appearances, accessory, loading screen, and portrait!
    • Event Period: May 14th – June 10th, 2020 (Pacific Time)
    • Event rules:
      • Players can find the Lucky Draw interface by visiting the “Event Center” in the lobby
      • This event is divided into four 7-day stages, players can draw 5 times during each stage and each draw costs 50 E-Points
      • Players are guaranteed to get one item from the prize pool per draw, and items already drawn will not be repeatedly rewarded

    Limited-time Modes

    • We have updated our weekly LTM rotation based on player feedback, below is the new weekly rotation:
      • Monday, Wednesday- Europa Island
      • Tuesday, Friday- Mt. Dione
      • Thursday, Saturday- Team Deathmatch

    Adventurer Characters

    • Optimized Jacques Bryant’s accessory placement directions
    • Optimized Moore King- Black Mamba’s hair color

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a rare client crash
    • Fixed an issue where vehicle sound effects were incorrect
    • Fixed an issue where Moore King- Black Mamba’s eyelash visual effects were incorrect
    • Fixed an issue where certain road textures were incorrect

    Thanks for playing,
    ROE DEV Team

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