Season 9 Prologue- "REBOOT"

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    Dear Adventurers,

    Time truly flies, from Mt. Dione, to Europa Island, and landing at Vera. Ring of Elysium has journeyed through eight seasons with your company, and Season 9 officially kicks off tomorrow!


    The ROE development team would like to thank all the Adventurers who have been with us throughout this incredible journey. It is your love and passion that drives our devs forward and stays true to our vision.

    Over the past seasons, our development efforts have focused on providing players with more unique features that are fun to play, such as the traversal abilities, tactical abilities, battlecars, and many memorable Adventurer characters.

    Throughout that process, we continuously collected and analyzed the feedback and suggestions from the community, and we have come to realize that the fundamental experience of the game should come first. Only through polishing the core qualities of the game can lead to a better experience for our players, and that core experience is crucial. Therefore, we have decided to adjust our direction towards polishing core elements, and present a game that's focused on realism.

    ▲New Adventurer Character in S9- Hawk
    ▲New Adventurer Character in S9- Klein

    In Season 8, our new map- Vera showed an higher-quality lighting and more realistic environment compared to other maps, which has received positive feedback from players, which backed up our belief that polishing the core experience of the game is the more important task at hand.

    In Season 9, we plan to delve deep into ROE's gunplay, implement more lighting improvements, and other fundamental aspects, so that players can experience more realistic graphics and lighting, and deeper gunplay mechanics.

    ▲Lighting update preview
    ▲Each weapon will have a unique recoil pattern that can be learned and mastered

    We are going back to our roots, resetting our focus to build Ring of Elysium the best game we can, hence the name of the season- REBOOT!

    Thank you for reading, see you in-game tomorrow.

    -ROE DEV Team

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