Two teams battle against each another to make containers of Rum

  • Shades Of OSRS gold for sale Mort'ton (Risky). A multi-skill minigame which is about creating a temple and protecting it from monstrosities. In this quest, players will learn about Crafting, Fighting, Firemaking, and Prayer skills. Additionally there are chests available to unlock that hold items for up to a Rune level.

    Tai-Bwo Wannai Cleaning (Risky). On the exotic Karamja continent is the Tai-Bwo wannai village which requires some cleaning. Helping the village in this demanding task, players will earn Trading Sticks that are used as a form of currency used in trading within the village. Remember that occasionally you'll be attacked by poisonous creatures and other creatures that live around this area.

    The Gauntlet (Risky). Player enters a dungeon without any items and tools and has to survive against Crystalline Hunllef's level 674 boss and his gang of mobsters using whatever they find on their way. If they can complete the maze, the brave of adventurers will be awarded with an inactive version of Blade of Saeldor - the strongest one handed melee weapon to be found in the game.

    Tithe Farm (Safe). It is as the title implies you will be Farming in this one. It is located in the Hosidius home where you can cultivate special seeds and nurture until harvest. It is among the best ways of learning Farming it is possible to meet several people.

    Trouble Brewing (Safe). Two teams battle against each another to make containers of OSRS Membership For Sale Rum. Players gain experience in different skills through completing tasks essential to Rum production. In addition to that there is an NPC selling cosmetics items in exchange for points gained during the game.